BETA of RemoteDSLRcontrol released

I uploaded the latest BETA of RemoteDSLRcontrol today, which has many small improvements and some new features.

  • New Features
    • Added setting for controlling Flash Mode.
    • New/Revised image preview and full screen preview with Zoom-in(left-click), Zoom-out(alt + left-click), Pan(ctrl + left-click) and Reset(right-click).
    • Full screen preview automatically gets updated on new image captured.
    • Added primitive clipped highlights overlay(For now, just red and no blink).
    • Bug fixes
    • Fixed non working function(use suffix on HDR sequences)
    • Many small bugs fixed…

    The image preview is still not working as fluid as I would like and I will continue working on it.

    For the next release I hope to introduce some more focus function, among other the possibility to select the focus point from the live view image, and a manual focus function from the same place.

    I also hope I will be able to get in some more flash functions, for both built-in flash, external flash and remote controlled flashes. Unfortunately, the focus part in the Nikon SDK is quite messy, so it might take a while before I get my head wrapped around everything that I would like to implement.

    You can download the new version from the download page, or if you’re already a user from your old link.

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