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RemoteDSLRcontrol is a camera control/tethering software for Nikon DSLR cameras, which makes it easy to control your Nikon camera remotely from your computer, capture large image sets for timelapse movies, create exposure bracketed image sets for HDR editing and achieve hyperfocus by merging a focus bracketed image set.

BETA release of the Remote DSLR Control application is now available for download (June 5th, 2012).

The current release has functions for remote camera control, tethered shooting, time-lapse photography, exposure bracketing(HDR) and focus bracketing(Focus Stacking).

Product Image - Remote DSLR Control


Software application supporting tethered shooting and remote control of Nikon DSLR cameras.

About the author
Me, Jan, is a software developer by day and a photography buff all the time. When I realized that Nikon has SDK’s (Software Development Kit) released for most of their digital system cameras, I decided to create a software for controlling my own Nikon cameras. I could have stopped there, but since the market isn’t exactly crowded with good usable Nikon software, I decided to create this website, upload the software, and with the help of you, make it the best Nikon control software that it can be.

Download my software, and let me know what you think, which features you miss and any problem you run into.


/ Jan




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