BETA of RemoteDSLRcontrol released

I uploaded the latest BETA of RemoteDSLRcontrol today, which has many small improvements and some new features. New Features Added setting for controlling Flash Mode. New/Revised image preview and full screen preview with Zoom-in(left-click), Zoom-out(alt + left-click), Pan(ctrl + left-click) and Reset(right-click). Full screen preview automatically gets updated on new image captured. Added primitive clipped […]

New Version

Download the new BETA release of RemoteDSLRcontrol with functions for remote camera control, tethered shooting, time-lapse photography, exposure bracketing(HDR) and focus bracketing(Focus Stacking).

First official BETA for Nikon DSLR Cameras to be released in beginning of May

The first official BETA of the remote/tethered shooting application for Nikon DSLR cameras on the windows platform will be released in the beginning of May. Some known bugs will be listed with the release, and hopefully we will receive notific ation about unknown bugs in the supportr forum that will open adjacent to the release.

64Bit vs 32Bit

Until now I’ve been running my tests mostly on a 32-bit XP system. Finally got the time to try it at home on a 64-bit windows 7 system, and I can’t say I’m happy with the results. The camera connections is a lot more unreliable, and I’ve also ran into some other disturbing bugs… Besides […]

First step on the journey of making a Nikon camera control software

I’ve been working on this camera control ¬†software based on the Nikon SDK for a while, and now I’m ready for some help! Well, a lot of help… Nikon cameras are expensive and there’s no way that I can test them all without help from fellow Nikonians So anyway… the site is up and with […]

Taking tethered shooting to a new level…